2009 – An artist from Lauf and her extraordinary donation to us

barbara wolfrumBarbara Wolfrum
Born: 1939 in Dresden
Passed away: 2009 in Lauf (Pegnitz)

Barbara Wolfrum was a special supporter of the pupils of the Haweli School in Axum. A few weeks before she passed away she donated a large amount of paintings, the proceeds of which are meant for the school.

Lass den Flügelschlag nicht erlahmen – Barbara WolfrumHer paintings came to being during several stays in the Namib - desert in Namibia - in the opposite part of Africa – and are very impressive piece of art with a special touch.  They are showing the desert in earthy and varying forms and structures. In addition there is sand and soil of this desert spread on these paintings. In that way Barbara Wolfrum combines image and reality in the same artistic work. Most impressive is the combination of colour and nature.

You can get an impression of the paintings in our Kauf(-)Bar.
If you are interested in a painting of the artist, please contact us here.