We would like to thank everyone that has supported Hawelti e.V..
Even if you are not named in person you are making valuable contributions through whether it is through donations or by actively supporting us at events and activities.

We would especially like to thank:

Barbara Wolfrum

The Artist from Lauf offered her support to the pupils of the Hawelti-School in Axum by donating some of her paintings to our organisation. The funds raised by the sale of these paintings went directly to the School in Axum.
Here you will find out more

In our merchandise Kauf(-)Bar you can get an impression of her paintings.

Daniel Kling

Without Daniel Kling our homepage would not exist. He has installed and maintains this page.

"Kulturladen im Zeltnerschloss" in Nuremberg

The „Kulturladen“ has given our organisation a home.  It is the base of operation for Hawelti e.V. and we are able to hold events in this wonderful environment.

Arbeiterwohlfahrt Kreisverband Nürnberg e.V.

We thank Arbeiterwohlfahrt for all of their non-financial contributions, and for allowing us to use their facilities for events free of charge.

Führungsakademie der Bundesagentur für Arbeit (FBA)

For a long time it has been the practice of the Führungsakademie to  exhibit the work of Frankonian artists. This enabled us to show the paintings of Barbara Wolfrum a wider audience. The management is always willing to organise special charity days for Hawelti e.V. in their facilities.

„RootsLevel“ aus dem Raum Lauf

The well-established band „Rootslevel“ play a charity concert for us every year.  They bring a cool mix of Rock, funk, Blues and soul with songs from  Wishbone Ash, ZZ Top, CCR, Poppa Chubby, den Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and many more from past decades. RootsLevel are a well-practised team with original sound. Honest, straight and solid – a great live act with a groove that is inspiring.

Rolf-Bernhard Essig and Franz Troeger from Bamberg

When a Frenchman says that he has swallowed a cat it means in English that he has a frog in the throat. The Indiana Jones of the language treasures is living in Bamberg and is well known from Nürnberg Nachrichten and many books that are dealing with idioms and proverbs and their meanings. He is doing charity readings for Hawelti e.V. from time to time that are equally entertaining and educating for the whole family! He is often supported by Franz Tröger who is the only music box virtuoso in Germany.

"The Magictones" from Nuremberg

This band has also offered to support us by providing a benefit concert. „The Magictones“  play  infectious R&B as well as groovy Memphis-Soul. The rhythm group is providing hard and relaxed grooves, the „horns“  shine with  a funky brass section as well as jazzy accents in the solo parts.

Johanniter Nuremberg

The Johanniter are a Large Christian charity organisation in Germany. They offered their support by providing first aid staff for our events.  

"KUF im südpunkt"

„Südpunkt“ is operated by Bildungszentrum, Stadtbibliothek (Public Library of Nuremberg) and Amt für Kultur und Freizeit (Department of Culture and Leisure) and offering a special program for the people living in the Südstadt of Nuremberg (South Nuremberg) . „Südpunkt“ allow us to use their facilities for our charity events free of charge.

"KUF: Kulturbüro Muggenhof/Werkstatt 141"

The kulturbüro (Culture office) Muggenhof has allowed us to hold events and use their facilities free of charge. Since 2008 the Kulturbüro (Culture Office) Muggenhof has organising cultural events for the neighbourhoods Muggenhof and Eberhardshof and it is also a contact and cooperation partner for interested citizens and institutions.

Company "Stöhr“ from  Bayreuth/Nuremberg

The Stöhr company is a worldwide mid-sized logistics company that is has over 60 years of experience in the logistics sector. Mister Stöhr donated 1200 pencils.

Printing Company Hessel

This printing company from the Harz was established in 1995, and provides us with business cards, stationery and flyers. We are very pleased with this partnership as it not only enables us to save money but also allows us to maintain a professional image.

Thomas Rüger – Book publishing „Edition Knurrhahn“

The small Nuremberger publishing house publishes intelligent books of Franconian authors and works about the region of Franconia. It supports the Hawelti e.V. in a very special way: from the publication of the 50th book our club receives 50 % of the revenue! In addition, Thomas Rüger donated us lots of books for our Book Sale Kauf(-)Bar. We also would like to start joint "book projects" - for and about our work. Be excited!

JFF – Just For Fun – Rock-Band from Fuerth

JFF – which stands for the joy of music and this for over 30 years now! The band covers all the “big” Bands in the 70's, 80's and 90’s years and has not lost the fun doing this until today. On the contrary, the band is more active than ever and plays everything from Accept to ZZ Top. Not only Crisp Hard Rock, but also sentimental ballads. And now for Hawelti e.V. Charity- Rock as well.