2014 – In Axum: Contacts, conferences and support services

In March 2014 we were on the way to Axum with some money and ideas and visited the Hawelti-school. We wanted to have a fair impression about the situation in the field. In the package we also had some donations, which we handed Alemayoh Tekalgn, the school director:

  • 750 Mechanical pencils
  • School material, like "wrap-ups" for playful learning of mathematics, sciences or english
  • Medicine and
  • Footballs.

We learned that the existing notebooks would not be enough until the end of the school year. We decided to buy books for each child right there. As we visited the lending library at school we got to know pupils, who just had "library service". They told us that there are too few books they can borrow in addition to regular textbooks. For example, mathematic, sciences or ethics, there is only one book! The children of the Hawelti-school make use of them. The reason why we agree with the school director to send us a quote for 140 books (each 20 for 7 subjects).

In the first interview with the school director, a parent representative and the teachers, we learned that the main problems are hunger and the continued lack of drinking water. The most kids are sick for hunger, the reason why they cannot go to school or sleep with hunger in the classrooms. For us it was clear, something sustainable needs to be done against hunger and the lack of drinking water! We talked to the school and water board, and both of them confirmed us their support.

For a "Project school kitchen" we eventually led a very helpful discussion with the Association for international Cooperation (GIZ). Semere Hagos, the contact person from GIZ in Axum, immediately offered us to take over the planning – including bills of materials and cost plan. He also presented us the contact points for the technical College in Axum which would help in the context of a "student internship" in the construction of this kitchen. Also a local non profit organization, the "Covernant Axum Charity fund Organization" – short CACFO – has offered us for their help job performance.

In addition, the GIZ also provides to be available for "Project water". A short time before the end of our visit to Axum, we got in touch with the organization "Help for a drop of water" in Addis Abeba. The co-founder Hermella Wondimu also wants to help us with this project.

Due to the many conferences, new contacts and support services, we are optimistic that we can help the school in the coming months to build a supply of drinking water and food which is urgently needed.