Berichte über Veranstaltungen

16.11.2014 – 2nd traditional ethiopian Coffee-ceremony

Our first coffee ceremony in July 2014 was already a great success and encouraged us offering this again for a maximum of 25 people. At the second ceremony the interest was so great that all the seats were already taken weeks earlier.

In the beautiful environment of our host, the coffee roaster „Rösttrommel" in AEG, we started at 14:00h with the roasting of green coffee. After grinding the beans the coffee was „cooked“ in a traditional way - naturally in an original Ethiopian Jebena. Selam supplied the guests, like she did the last time, with Hambascha. The Ethiopian "coffee cake“ should not be missed at a coffee ceremony - like popcorn.

During such ceremonies it is important for us to give our guests an idea of ​​the life of the country of origin of the coffee. Recently returned from Ethiopia, we therefore talked a little about our two week stay in Axum and the many fresh impressions. We are very pleased that our guests liked and praised the whole event.

For 2015 we already have three dates fixed - the next one on 8th of February 2015 also in the „Roasting Drum". You want to be there? Then book with us, or directly at the „Roasting Drum - we look forward to seeing you!
We like to thank the „Rösttrommel“ again and also Selam and our guests and look forward to more coffee ceremonies!